When Pianos Fall from the Sky

Travis Wayne Denton

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When Pianos Fall from the Sky


Travis Wayne Denton

Publication Date: Sept 1, 2012
72 Pages
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Travis Wayne Denton is the Associate Director of Poetry at Tech. The pushcart prize nominated poet is also editor of the literary arts publication Terminus Magazine, as well as a contributing editor for The Chattahoochee Review.

About the Author, Travis Wayne Denton

hunthspace=10Travis Wayne Denton lives in Atlanta where he is the Associate Director of Poetry @ TECH as well as McEver Chair in Poetry at Georgia Tech. He is also founding editor of the literary arts publication, Terminus Magazine. His poems have appeared in numerous journals, magazines and anthologies. His first collection of poems, The Burden of Speech, was published by C & R Press.


“Travis Denton moves through the fluid registers of the vernacular like Michael Phelps through a swimming pool. His poems are full of “Bobs and Dicks,” John Does and average Joes, “local men” who “are not the last of the Mohicans./ Not the last dodo to lie down somewhere on the back forty,” though they are bound for misfortune at the local bar or wash-o-mat. Like a collection of Raymond Carver stories, When Pianos Fall from the Sky portrays the life of the American male with verbal dexterity, psychological nuance and a rueful blend of compassion and dark comedy."
— Campbell McGrath, Author of Shannon & Road Atlas

In his latest collection, When Pianos Fall from the Sky, Travis Denton delves each love, each history, in search of its blood-bound truth. Here is a storyteller with an ear and eye for detail, a bold imagery that spans a wide and rich terrain: from gypsies, guillotines, The Hindenburg and fire and bucket brigades, to the jilted neighbor with a gun to his head. Denton takes it all in, leading us, at full speed, into a world “where you find yourself entirely forgiven / by every god who lines up to greet you.”
— Dorianne Laux, Author of The Book of Men & Facts about the Moon


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